Entry #1

Lailah's the name, pleasure's the game!

2015-08-23 22:26:44 by InThirteen

Hello everyone here at Newgrounds!

The name's Lailah, but most know me as N-13. As you can probably tell, I'm new here. I'm an artist, musician, and voice talent among many other things. Now I don't have much content at the moment as I am new, but I plan on changing that. The theme of my content (for the most part) is very "Halloween-y" and is heavily influenced by Japanese animation and the like. I hope to really enjoy my stay here and hope you all have an awesome day! \(^o^)/

This is usually the place where I'd post all of my social media or examples of my work. . . but I figured you all could just look at my page for all of that since I posted all of my social media here along with some art and audio.

Stay lovely!



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2015-08-24 02:05:22

I hope it isn't too late to welcome you to Newgrounds,mam!

InThirteen responds:

Hehe! It's not. Hello! (^o^)/


2015-08-28 11:15:08

How are you?

InThirteen responds:

I am swell! Thank you for asking. <3


2015-08-30 06:47:14

Haha,it's nothing really,I only thought it has been a while since I wrote here.