Not really gonna be active here . . .

2016-02-20 12:36:11 by InThirteen

Will not be active here anymore as Twitch, YouTube, and voice acting are my number one priority. I'll still post art and other stuff here, but interaction will be scarce.

Lailah's the name, pleasure's the game!

2015-08-23 22:26:44 by InThirteen

Hello everyone here at Newgrounds!

The name's Lailah, but most know me as N-13. As you can probably tell, I'm new here. I'm an artist, musician, and voice talent among many other things. Now I don't have much content at the moment as I am new, but I plan on changing that. The theme of my content (for the most part) is very "Halloween-y" and is heavily influenced by Japanese animation and the like. I hope to really enjoy my stay here and hope you all have an awesome day! \(^o^)/

This is usually the place where I'd post all of my social media or examples of my work. . . but I figured you all could just look at my page for all of that since I posted all of my social media here along with some art and audio.

Stay lovely!